Reasons Why...

I never thought I would be writing a blog. The last time I tried something like this, I was writing a melodramatic LiveJournal as a freshman in high school. Needless to say, my life is a little different these days. In December 2011, I graduated from college and got engaged. How did those two events lead to me writing a blog? The transition from student teaching (the most stressful eight weeks of my life) to being a grad with no job meant I got a lot more free time; having a wedding to plan meant I was suddenly prowling the Internet searching for everything from a dress to DIY projects to workouts.

A girl's gotta look good on her wedding day, so I started focusing in more on my health and fitness. I joined a gym, bought some new DVDs and equipment, and started reading health magazines. The real kicker, though, was a favorite of many... Pinterest. I noticed that some people were following me and re-pinning my workouts, so I thought I might as well take this next step.

I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to working out. I love how I feel when I am eating well and exercising, but I never keep it up ("I'm too tired" is my go-to excuse... which seems pretty valid after substitute teaching for hooligans all day). A day off is never a bad thing, but my one day off always leads to another day off, and another. Having this blog will be like my own personal trainer, hanging over my shoulder and pushing me to do work. And hopefully, people who read this will be motivated to start making their own changes (and sharing them with me).

When I'm doing my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 workout, she always says how important it is to be goal-oriented. (Side note: Seriously, get this DVD. It makes me euphoric while also making me want to keel over and die. A perfect combination in a workout). So it's only fitting that I start out my first blog post with a few goals:

1. When Monday rolls around, I'm starting the "5 Weeks to a 5K" plan. Josh and I will be doing this together so we can push each other through the shock of running, outside, for an extended period of time, with no soccer ball in sight. I found the 5 week plan here at shape.com.

2. I recently started cooking. Then I recently gave up cooking. But over the weekend, I am planning meals for the rest of the week, going grocery shopping, and following that plan throughout the week. Most of the meals I'll be making will be healthy (hopefully), so I'll add links to those recipes as I go. First up is Maple Grilled Salmon and Smashed Red Potatoes. Wish me luck!

In the next few weeks, in addition to updates about the 5K training plan, I'll be adding various strength-training and cardio workouts that I'm trying out. Until then, let's get out there and do work.


  1. I started a blog too...lol! I'm going to follow yours!

  2. This is awesome, Cassie. I hope you can keep motivated, and I hope you get support from your friends. Maybe you doing this will give me some motivation to do similar things. I want to look good in my wedding dress, too. haha.

    1. Thanks, Tim. You can always go for bike rides with us on your mom's bike... I ride Emma's mother-in-law's bike. We would look really cool.

  3. yeah, build up each other and motivate motivate motivate. love.