Day One (and Two)

Well, I knew I was out of shape, but WOW. J and I immediately changed into our workout clothes after school (a good way to get yourself going before you can convince yourself otherwise). We went to the people trail and officially started Day 1 of our 5K training. Even though it was only 2 miles total, it was challenging. It was nice to have the intervals so we could work hard and then have recovery built in. The good news is we did it! Day one was a success.

We intended to make salmon and red potatoes for dinner, but I failed to read the part in the recipe that said to marinate the salmon for 3 hours. Seeing as we didn't want to eat dinner at 10 p.m., we decided to make chicken, black bean, and rice casserole. It has a lot of healthy ingredients (the zucchini was even edible), and it tasted fantastic. We added some low fat plain Greek yogurt to ours; it acts like sour cream and really added a nice touch.

The plan for today's workout was crosstraining, so J and I were going to ride our bikes to the library and back (about 8 miles round-trip). Instead, I got to be a drill sergeant! Josh and I jogged to a park/playgound, and did bodyweight exercises and cardio using things there (i.e. wall sits in the handball court, triceps dips on park benches, etc.). It actually ended up being really fun- for me at least. I made Josh do all the killer things that Jillian Michaels makes me do (duck walk!). Honestly, we spent about an hour total on the workout, and it was great. Find a fitness buddy! Time flew. We also went to Indy to do some stuff at IUPUI, and while we were there, we decided to walk the canal (my favorite place in the city) with our friend Jennie. Another good workout, and we even included some strength training.

Our Tuesday dinner was the maple grilled salmon with smashed red potatoes. The results were mixed. J and I weren't fans, but my parents liked it. It was definitely missing something. Any thoughts of what to add to it?

Until next time...

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  1. i'm still sore from that day and it is worse now. haha. good pain, right?