The overwhelming need for Icy Hot

Consider yesterday my most hodge-podge workout day of all time. Let me recap my day:

1. I wanted to try this new workout guide for the month of June featured on one of my favorite blogs, Blogilates. This girl's motto is "Train insane or remain the same". Yes. I did one of her videos which is a muscle-specific challenge set to a pop song. My choice: Glad You Came Calves Challenge. Basically, your heels don't touch the ground for 3ish minutes and you do calf raises and pulses. Torture. Even more torturous? The way my calves feel today. I am limping around like Forrest Gump with his magic legs.

2. I also tried to do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout found on the same blog. You're supposed to go through the circuit 4 times. I didn't even finish one. Whoops. I did some random arms moves with dumbbells while watching TV- concentrated curls, one-arm rows, butterflies, etc.

3. Josh and I went out to the lake, and decided to take my dog Maggie with us.
Totally my favorite picture of the 2 of us.
It's fun to take her out to the lake and watch her frolic in the water. She leaps like a gazelle and chomps on the water like she's eating it. We kept her on the lead because she's not a very well-trained dog... until she just looked so darn cute jumping around that we decided to let her off the leash. It worked for about 2 seconds until she decided to go explore the shoreline, and then poop in the neighbor's lawn. As Josh headed up to the car to get a plastic bag to clean it up, Mags took one look at us and sprinted up the driveway like an unruly teenager. Almost no one was out at the lake on midday Friday, so it was just the two of us searching the roads and woods for my crazy dog. Luckily, I heard her exploring the woods and I was able to follow her close enough that I could at least keep track of her. She eventually worked her way back to our cabin (after leading me across a creek and into multiple people's yards and back) and acted like she was going to jump in the car. Fooled us again. She ran off down the drive AGAIN. By this time, I was fed up. She stopped to sniff a plant and I got real with her. Dog whisperer and stuff. "MAGGIE COME!" And she listened (or she was just tired and knew I would give her water). So there was another workout for the day. Did I mention that this dog is "AKC Good Citizen" trained? Pshhh.

4. Last but not least, Josh and I went to his parents' house to water the plants and take care of their dog. They have a trampoline, so I decided to try to make it like a workout. I'm not sure how effective it was, other than cardio, but I'm pretty sure I looked like this:
Maybe I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the post, but I joined Weighttraining.com. It's pretty cool- you start with a Fitness Report Card, log workouts, and compete in challenges. Just another factor that I'm hoping will motivate me. I'll have a more detailed post about this in a few days.

Now, back to the heating pad!

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