3 Things

1: Workout Recap
I found two more Jillian DVDs at the public library (Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism and 30 Day Shred). I did Level 1 of 30 Day Shred on Thursday morning. It's the same setup as my fave Ripped in 30, but I didn't like it as much. I'll be putting up a full review soon (as soon as I have made it through all 3 levels a few times. I did four 6 minute circuits of Boost Metabolism today (all cardio, all high intensity, with each circuit focusing on a specific area). It was pretty killer, but the 30 second bursts of different exercises kept it fun. I'm hoping to post a review of the entire DVD (which has 7 circuits) sometime this week.
I am really getting into logging my workouts on www.weighttraining.com. It's a great boost to look at all the calories I've burned, weight I've lifted, etc. Even if I'm not completing a full workout or I can't do as much as I wish I could, I still log what I do and I can focus on what I can do. It's definitely helped me think more positively about myself and my workouts. There are also cool features like challenges and competitions that offer even more incentives for doing work.

2: Peaches
Can I just say how ridiculously excited I am that peaches are finally in season? I imagine heaven is comparable to biting into the first ripe peach of summer.

Hello, you beautiful thing. My dad refuses to eat peaches because when he was a kid, he ate a peach from a tree and there was a worm in it. More peaches for me!

3: Zionsville, Indiana
Josh and I went up to Zionsville on Friday. I had a job interview here:
This picture does it no justice. It was literally breathtaking. This is a MIDDLE SCHOOL, by the way.
After my interview (not holding my breath), Josh took me downtown to Main St. so we could walk around. It was the happiest place on earth. Brick paved road, houses from the 1800s, shops and restaurants, gardens in alleys, character. I was "awww-ing" up a storm.

Bumming around home for the rest of the day (and probably weekend). I have had 13-14 hour days recently and I am happy to be home and relaxing!



  1. i'm glad you've seen the light. peaches are tops! keep up the hard work.

  2. I hope you get that job so I can visit you in the sweet little town!