HIIT a.k.a. High Intensity Interval Training. My workout today. This is the same workout I tried to do a few days ago, but this time I was more prepared for the insanity. Here's what I did:

Warm-up: 15-20 reps of bodyweight lunges
Superset (each exercise flows into the next without any breaks or rest):
-35 reps split squat jumps
-30 seconds narrow stance static squat
-10 burpees
-30 seconds plank
-75 mountain climbers
-10 push ups
-40 reps spiderman planks
-8 reps downward dogging cobra (this is "recovery". ha!)
-15 reps plie squats
-15 reps in-and-outs
-15 reps out-and-ups
-30 seconds static squat
-10 burpees
 ANDDDD a 90 second break before doing it all again (THREE more times actually).

At least that was the plan. I did manage to do 2 sets. Each set takes about 10 minutes, and after 20 minutes of HIIT, I was ready to die. When I logged my workout into www.weighttraining.com, it said I burned something like 800 calories. While I'm fairly certain this is way too high, I know I burned quite a few calories. So much sweat. And as I'm writing this an hour later, I still feel shaky. It's a good thing, right?

I spent the rest of my day swimming at the lake with Josh, watching Euro2012 games, and (ugh) going to the dentist. I don't hate the dentist as much as some people (i.e. my sister- check out her blog), but I certainly don't enjoy it. This trip was special though. While in the waiting room, a little boy with Down syndrome took a shine to me. I said hi and he sat down right next to me. First question: "Are you married?" When I told him not yet, he grabbed a pamphlet off a table, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him (and gave me the pamphlet). What makes this moment even better? "Single Ladies" by Beyonce was playing in the background. Yes, please. As he left, he even gave me one of these:
Only he was way cuter.
I mean, seriously. This really happened. I love my life!